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Clad Windows

For long lasting and low maintenance windows, The Millwork Co.’s line of clad windows is an incredibly appealing choice. Clad windows bring together the aesthetic benefits of wood with the durability of stronger materials for an end result that’s picture-perfect and built to last. We offer custom mouldings to suit any clad window style or can provide you with an in-stock design from our extensive inventory.

To view clad windows on display, visit our showroom in Hot Springs, Arkansas. If you’re ready to begin your construction, remodeling, or window replacement project today, contact us at 501.318.0919 for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Benefits of Clad Windows

Clad windows combine the benefits of a warm, wooden look with an extremely durable exterior for a finished result that satisfies all your desires. The advantages of clad include:

  • Low-maintenance exterior
  • Elegant interior
  • Extreme durability
  • And more

While wood windows offer an appealing and inviting aesthetic for the home, they require frequent upkeep to retain the look you love. Clad windows need virtually no maintenance and will last you many years!

Our Selection of Clad Windows

We offer a wide variety of Weather Shield clad windows to contractors, homeowners, and remodelers in Central Arkansas. Our product selection includes:

Vinyl-clad windows. Known to be the most popular type on the market, vinyl-clad windows are low-maintenance, cost effective, and energy efficient, with a number of different options available to meet your needs.

Aluminum-clad windows. These windows are known to be the strongest type of clad, making them extremely durable and long lasting. However, they also tend to be less energy efficient than other material options, like vinyl or fiberglass.

Fiberglass-clad windows. The latest in clad window developments, fiberglass-clad windows offer the ultimate in energy efficiency, durability, and easy maintenance. They are also resistant to expansion or contraction.

Contact Us for Clad Windows in Central Arkansas

At The Millwork Co., we want to help you complete your construction or remodeling project with windows to suit all your needs. Our clad windows offer the warmth and aesthetic appeal of real wood, without the hassle of ongoing sanding, sealing, and other maintenance efforts. The exterior is built to withstand outdoor elements, while the interior is designed to provide a stylish addition to your indoor living space.

We have years of experience in mouldings and custom millwork and can help you select the highest quality clad windows for your home. To begin your project with some of Arkansas’s finest talent, contact the experts at The Millwork Co. and get a FREE estimate on your new windows!