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Ceiling Moulding

When it comes to your ceiling at home, you want to be sure it’s built to last and of the highest quality. Choosing the right crown moulding is critical to the beauty and structural integrity of your ceiling, and the experts at The Millwork Co. can offer you the finest solutions. We provide custom ceiling moulding options to clients throughout Arkansas and also keep a full inventory of mouldings in stock for your convenience.

For assistance with your home construction or remodeling project, look to The Millwork Co. first. We offer crown moulding and related services in Little Rock, Hot Springs, Bryant, and surrounding communities in Central Arkansas. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.

Our Ceiling Moulding Services

We provide several options for ceiling moulding in Central Arkansas:

Crown mouldings are the most popular variety of ceiling mouldings and will seamlessly connect your walls with your ceilings. Crown moulding can be customized to match other mouldings or trim within the room and can be built with varying budgets.

Cove moulding is similar to crown moulding in that it connects the walls with the ceiling, but the shape is different. While cove moulding is rounded, crown moulding usually attaches to the ceiling at a 45-degree angle.

Bed moulding is a thin, narrow type of ceiling moulding. It can either be sprung with a beveled edge or plain, depending on your preferences and the rest of the room design.

Our Material Selection

We offer a wide variety of high quality material choices for our ceiling moulding projects in Arkansas, depending on your requirements for budget and durability, as well as your style preferences and the surrounding room décor. Consider:

  • Medium/low density fiberboard (MDF/LDF) is particularly strong and durable with a smooth, uniform appearance that’s resistant to warping
  • Solid wood offers a naturally warm and inviting aesthetic with pine, oak, maple, and a wide variety of other options available to meet your needs
  • Finger joint wood is attractive, versatile, and eco-friendly, but is probably not the best choice if you want your moulding painted

Our Brands

Choose a custom ceiling moulding for your home or a high quality, in-stock solution from a leading manufacturer like:

  • Prime-Line inc. for MDF mouldings
  • Carter Flexible
  • Spectis for exterior or plastic
  • Gainennie Lumber for Solid or Finger Joint material

Contact Us for Crown Moulding & More in Arkansas

The Millwork Co. has been helping your neighbors all over Central Arkansas enjoy high quality ceiling moulding at affordable prices since 2006. Our goal is to give homeowners complete confidence in the quality of their products, whether you are working on a new construction project or a remodeling project. We supply entirely custom designs with crown moulding and other products built from the strongest, most beautiful materials to ensure the success of every project we complete.

Contact us today to find out what makes The Millwork Co. the best choice for your ceiling moulding project. To view our products on display, visit us at our Hot Springs, AR showroom.