How to get the best sound at the best price in 2016

By Ben WoodsFox Sports reporterThe best sound in the world is the sound of the soundest car in the best way.

That’s how SoundView CEO and co-founder Michael Ekena defines it.

“A car that can be driven like a jet and has an engine that’s so powerful and quiet you can drive a jet straight across the desert,” Ekenac tells Fox Sports’ Paul Chodosh.

“And it sounds like a car that’s been blown into a hundred pieces.

It’s like a dream come true.”

SoundView started in 2010 with the aim of providing an affordable solution for sound engineers.

But its current product line-up of four different models is different from most other cars on the market.

“They’re all different because of what you’re getting,” Ekinas head of engineering told Fox Sports.

“The price point is higher than most other manufacturers, the size of the battery is smaller than most manufacturers, and you’re going to get a higher quality sound.

That is a really important part of the equation.”

Ekena has a unique approach to engineering sound.

His main focus is on quality and cost, rather than performance, and he’s spent a lot of time studying car exhaust systems.

“When you think about a car exhaust, you don’t think about its volume,” he said.

“You think about how you can maximize its efficiency, how much you can compress it and the amount of heat it can dissipate.”

He’s also a huge fan of air bags.

“I’ve heard some people say that air bags are a gimmick.

Well, if you look at the way a car’s engine operates, the way the suspension works, you can actually see how a car actually operates.”

Ekinas work at a factory in the U.K. that makes airbags for Volkswagen, BMW and Jaguar.

He also works at the factory where SoundView works.

“There’s a factory that’s built in there where all of the components are manufactured,” he explained.

“We’re using a lot more of the carbon fibre than we’re used to.

The carbon fibre is not very good at thermal conductivity, so we’re trying to increase the insulation in the structure to reduce the weight.”

Ekanas main goal is to produce the best products that will be used by professional sound designers.

“We’re looking to produce products that are more efficient, and we’re looking at more powerful systems that are better at the extreme, and are more cost effective,” he told Fox.

“Our aim is to make the best quality products available to the market, and that’s why we’re working with some of the best brands in the industry.”

“I have a long history of working with car sound companies,” Ekanas co-owner says.

“In fact, we were the first car sound company to have a team in London and they used to call me the Soundhead.

It was just a dream job for me.”

The best way to hear a car is to drive itThe SoundView sound system has four different sound panels: an acoustic panel, an audio panel, a surround sound panel and a rear-view camera panel.

All four panels are made of carbon fibre and all four have a built-in microphone.

“The audio panel is very sensitive and very quiet,” Ekens head of sound told FoxSports.

“So if you put it behind a steering wheel, it will be the most sensitive thing you’ve ever heard.”

That’s what Ekenas says is the secret to its sound quality.

“It’s the most important part.

The sound of a car isn’t what you hear in the car,” he explains.

“That’s just a combination of the engine, the tyres and the air in the cabin.

That sounds like it’s coming from somewhere.””

The sound of sound is a combination that is all together coming from inside your ears,” Ekinga says.”

So the best part about SoundView is that it has the best audio and the best surround sound and the very best audio.

You can listen to it at the moment and see what’s going on.”

He told Fox that sound is not just a technical term, but a human experience as well.

“Sound is the most powerful and the most beautiful thing you can experience,” he says.

That’s because every time you hear a sound, your brain perceives it as coming from the interior of the car.

“I would say that’s the key to sound,” he adds.

So that’s a really powerful experience you can have when you’re driving.””

When you’re listening to something you’ve already experienced, your ears tell you the sound is coming from a sound source outside of your body.

So that’s a really powerful experience you can have when you’re driving.”

Sounds from SoundView are so sensitive,

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