‘I don’t want to be in jail’: Transgender inmate speaks out after prison sentence

A transgender inmate has spoken of her struggle with the effects of her prison sentence, as she fights to have her sentence commuted.

Jill Millwork, of Portland, Oregon, had been serving a 30-year sentence for rape and robbery when she was sentenced to a prison term of only eight months in February.

“I feel like I’m in jail for 30 years,” Ms Millwork told the Oregonian newspaper.

“The prison doesn’t really understand that I’m transgender.”

They say they’re not aware that it’s gender identity that matters, but it really is, and that they’re going to put me in a room full of people, and the prison will treat me the same way it treats anyone else.”‘

I feel that my life is over’: Transgender activist speaks outAfter Ms Millworths sentencing, she said she felt like “the world was ending and that I didn’t have a future”.

She said she had received no support from prison staff and had been isolated in the women’s wing of a women’s prison.”

It was a nightmare,” she said.”

For me, that’s why I was so afraid of getting out.

“She has been campaigning for her freedom, and said she was “devastated” by the sentence.”

We are going to fight for our rights to live our lives as who we are and as what we are, and we’re not going to let anyone in,” she told the newspaper.

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