‘He was an awesome person’: Cattle rancher’s son dies after ‘over-protective’ wife leaves him

Cattle farmer Robert and Mary Koop, of Lake Tahoe, Nev., died Saturday after their protective wife left him without a home, according to an autopsy.

Robert Koop died of a cardiac arrest and a massive heart attack, according the Las Vegas coroner’s office.

Mary Koop had been in a relationship with her husband since 2011, according a family friend.

Koop had recently returned to Nevada from California, where she had been living with her mother and grandmother, according an obituary from her son’s hometown.

“They were a very close couple.

They shared a passion for cattle,” the obit said.

“Robert was a man of many talents, and a tremendous asset to the community.

He was an outstanding teacher, and loved to share his passion for his family with the community.”

In a statement Sunday, the Koop family thanked the community for their support and “the outpouring of love” for their family.

Koppe had been a ranch hand for more than 20 years, according his obit.

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