How to get a house with an antique ceiling in New York

New York’s antique ceiling has always been a focal point in the city’s urban landscape, and it’s now the subject of an article.

A house with a ceiling like that was built in 1894 by James and Elizabeth McKnight, a prominent Pennsylvania couple who built a house for themselves in a remote part of Pennsylvania, where they had a small property.

The McKnights also built a home for a young girl who was the daughter of a Pennsylvania gentleman, and who was not able to find a place to live because of her husband’s ill health.

On December 4, 1895, the McKnight family, led by James McKnight and Elizabeth, moved into their new home, in a small house built for a family of eight.

The McKnight’s purchased the house for $1,000, which the McKnights had previously paid in cash.

According to an article in the New York Times on Monday, the family sold the house in September 1896 for $11,500, which they paid for with a loan.

In the year 1900, the house was sold for $40,000.

This house is located in the Old West Gallery on Pennsylvania Avenue, which is part of the Pennsylvania State Museum in Albany, New York.

It is owned by the McKonns, who also own the McKinnon House in Philadelphia, according to the article.

The house in Pennsylvania Avenue was also once part of a property owned by James H. McKnight. 

The McKonks lived in a mansion on Pennsylvania avenue that was purchased by James F. McKonan in 1909.

It was the first McKonk family house on Pennsylvania Ave.

in 1909, and the house now belongs to the McKenners.

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