What the city of Kansas City wants from the state of Missouri

Posted October 03, 2018 11:02:24The state of Kansas has just passed a law that requires the City of Kansas to use the state’s sewage and stormwater treatment facilities.

But some say the new requirements could be too onerous and might even lead to a delay in paying for the state-funded facility.

Republican state Rep. Steve King of Topeka, Kansas, has been working on legislation to ease some of those concerns.

King said the state wants to ease a few of the restrictions on the city’s sewage treatment plants.

He’s proposing a change in how Kansas uses stormwater, which would allow the city to use stormwater on an equal basis with the state.

King told The Associated Press that he believes the new requirement will be effective in addressing the concerns of some residents who have expressed concerns about the city using sewage treatment facilities in lieu of stormwater.

The Kansas City, Missouri, City Council passed a measure last week requiring that the city use storm water treatment facilities, as well as wastewater treatment and storm sewer, instead of wastewater.

The new requirement comes on top of a similar measure passed by the Kansas House last year that would require the city be using stormwater for all municipal services, including stormwater collection, treatment, disposal and other wastewater management.

The bill would require that all city employees and contractors use storm-water treatment for municipal waste and wastewater.

Kansas City, which is one of only two large cities in the U.S. to have a wastewater treatment facility, has not used any stormwater since it began using wastewater treatment in the late 1970s.

City leaders say they expect to have the facility operational in about six months.

But they have a long way to go before they can get to the city-run facility that handles stormwater from the city.

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