Which sound designer’s job it is to create the soundtrack to The Simpsons?

The Simpsons’ sound design is the biggest of all the show’s soundtracks, but it also happens to be one of the most underappreciated.

While many of the showrunners have stated their devotion to the sound of the original score, and there’s nothing wrong with that, most of the songs used by the show are either reworked or completely different.

That makes them sound different from one another and even if they are the same, they all use the same underlying themes and musical elements.

So which sound designer did the best job creating the soundtracks to the shows’ most iconic episodes?

We asked the experts, and we’re pretty confident they have the answer.1.

The Simpsons sound designer is Jeff HornerMarge Simpson was the first major character to appear on the series.

In the pilot episode, she was created in the episode “Marge Goes to Town” and appeared on the soundtrack for the whole season.

In “Homer Goes to the Dark Side,” she is seen on the show during the opening credits and “Mannibals,” where she’s the villainous villain, was created by Horner.

In that episode, the character is voiced by actor Jeff Horsey, who also provided the voices for Homer and the rest of the gang in the animated series.2.

The music for “Lisa the Cat” was composed by HorseyMarge is an iconic character, but her music is also a work in progress.

In fact, it was Horsey’s music for The Simpsons theme that inspired The Simpsons composer Jeff Horne to create “Lisa’s Theme.”

The music, composed by Jeff Horney and performed by Horne, was included in the episodes “Momma’s Boyfriend,” “Mama’s Boy,” “Treehouse of Horror II” and “The Bart-o Files.”

This version was used in the fifth season and the show is considered one of Horner’s best works.

The music for the episode in question, “Lisa Goes to The Dark Side” was written by Horning.

It is a very dark and melancholic song, featuring some of Horne’s most haunting and memorable songs, including “Mysterious Creature.”

It’s the second song in the show that Horner wrote after the show was canceled.3.

“Mister Burns” is Jeffery HornerJeff Horner is one of those sound designers who really understands the concept of creating soundtracks.

He created a lot of the sound effects in the original Simpsons, such as the waterfalls and the spinning wheels in “Mr. Burns.”

Horner was also the composer for the show and also worked on The Simpsons: The Animated Series.

He was hired by the network in 1998 and was hired to work on the sound design of the series’ finale, “The Last Laugh.”

He also wrote the music for episodes like “The New Kid in Town,” “The Mayor of Springfield,” “Rampage of the Titans,” “Lisa and the Gang” and many others.

He is currently in the process of finishing his fourth full-length score for the series, which will be released later this year.4.

Horner created “Mammoth Tree”The Simpsons’ iconic sound design has been around for years, and while Horner has had his work on The Muppet Show, The Muppets and many other shows, it is his score for “Mall of Mice” that is probably his most famous score.

He and his partner, John Hodgman, created this score with the goal of using as much modern instrumentation as possible, with many modern synths and other electronic elements that were used in The Simpsons.

The score was first released in 2003 on the Muppet Show soundtrack and is still used on the DVD.

The Muppeteers used modern synth sounds and synths to create a lush, atmospheric soundtrack to their music.

The score for The Moo-Moo Movie, an animated feature by David Lynch, also features modern instruments and synthesizers.5.

Horne has created the score for many of The Simpsons episodesJeff Horne was hired as the composer on The Bart-O Files, and he has worked on the shows entire run, including the episodes that include the opening and closing credits.

He has also worked for the original musical director of The New Kids on Town, and has also collaborated on episodes like the Christmas episode “Treehouses of Horror.”

He is also one of The Muggles original composers.

He has written scores for numerous episodes and episodes of The Office, including some of the best music on TV.

He’s also worked as the theme song for the upcoming series, The Simpsons, and also wrote for The Office.

He also did the score to the Simpsons episode “The Family Guy,” and also was the composer of the Simpsons theme to the season four episode “Lisa in Love.”

The score to “Lisa is Missing” by Hor

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