Which is the best Dublin building for loft-dwellers?

Dublin has a rich history as a centre of modernism, but now it’s getting its own unique spin.

As one of the oldest industrial cities in Europe, it’s also a destination for the wealthy, the young and the ambitious.

Here are the top 10 best Dublin loft-and-apartment developments to rent.1.

Dublin Tower – 9,848sq ft2.

Bent House – 996sq ft3.

Rooftop Loft – 8,828sq ft4.

Guildhall – 828sq, 6-bed, 2-bath, 8-bed Loft with private terrace5.

The Painted Glass – 628sqft6.

Elysium – 528sq feet7.

Dubai City Centre – 523sq ft8.

Paddington – 525sq ft9.

Dubro Tower – 508sq ft10.

Dubliner Millworks – 486sq ftDublin is a city of many faces and its most distinctive features are the huge number of new high-rise buildings it has seen in recent years.

But the capital’s unique character is largely down to the architectural legacy of its once-great industrial past.

Here, we take a look at some of the best places to rent an apartment or loft-apartments in Dublin.1)Dublin City Centre Apartments1.

Bunkhouse (621sqft)Dubliners dream apartment, which sits in a former railway yard, has a central balcony, and has a view over the river.

The flats are located on the ground floor, and the central balcony has a private terraced kitchen.

It’s one of four of this kind in Dublin, and is available in a range of price points, including the cheapest.

You can get a five-bedroom apartment with a private backyard, as well as an apartment in a two-bedroom unit.2)Dubliner PaintedGlass ApartmentsDublin’s first building to be converted into loft-space, the Paintedglass building is now a world-class building of art, architecture and social design.

Built in the 1920s, the building’s main floor is divided into five studios, each of which has a separate terrace and private patio.

The apartments on the second floor are priced between €5,000 and €6,000 per month.3)Dubler Millworks Apartments3.

Bartender’s Bar & Grill (2,722sqft), the bar at the heart of the Bar and Grill building, is situated on the fifth floor, with two bedrooms on each level.

The second-floor lounge area and a balcony are available.

The building has been refurbished and is now available for rent.4)The Paddy MacMahon Bar and Restaurant (4,895sqft, 1,700sqft +1,000sqft private patio)The main building of the B&B is the Bamboo Bar and Cafe, which is located on its fourth floor.

It offers four different floor plans, with an upper level with a restaurant and terrace.

The rooftop terrace offers spectacular views of the city, while the bar has a huge patio.

It is available for one- to two-night rent.5)Roofts4.

Crown Millwork Apartments4.

Dubbero Tower Apartments5.

Dubli Street Bar and Lounge (1,100sqft 2-bedroom, 2.4-bedroom) The rooftop bar and lounge at Crown Millwork is the city’s most popular, with the main bar offering a wide range of food, wine and cocktails.

The two-level ground floor has a spacious patio and an outdoor seating area.

It can be reserved in advance, and costs between €3,500 and €5.5,500 per month depending on the size of your party.6)The Cogswell Bar and Café (1.2m sqft + 1.5m sq ft private terraces)The city’s first pub is located in a converted railway yard.

The ground floor is used for the main pub, with a bar and private terracing, and upstairs, you can enjoy a traditional bar with a range, from small and intimate to large and high-end.

It comes with a full bar and outdoor seating, as you would expect, and it is available to rent in advance.7)Paddy MacMcGillivray’s House (1M sq ft)This is the former residence of former Paddy McGillivrays, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, who had the house converted into a loft-type apartment.

The first floor has an indoor patio and a rooftop terracing with a pool, and downstairs there is a private bedroom and a separate dining room.8)Dubberos House Apartments8.

Gangster (1H sq ft, 1

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