When the sun goes down, so does your Palm City millwork


— The sun goes out, so you need to go to the Palm City Millwork, where some of the world’s best palm trees are being grown.

In a nod to the city’s reputation for palm trees that grow from trees planted to help protect Santa Monica’s water supply, the millwork’s employees have long been told to plant their trees outside.

The millworks employs some of America’s best woodworkers.

But they also employ people from outside, including a young man from India.

In the past few weeks, as the sun has been shining, he has been working on his tree, turning it into a 1.5-foot-tall, 12-inch-long palm that he has named “Bubba.”

He says the tree has the potential to be the tallest and most beautiful palm in the world.

“I have a vision of the city of Palm City being the largest palm in Africa,” he said.

“I want the city to be proud of this accomplishment.”

The palm has been growing for several years, but is still in the early stages of its growth cycle.

It will be ready to be harvested in November.

The Millwork says the trees can reach heights of up to 2,000 feet.

The palm is the latest addition to the palm tree farm in the Palmdale neighborhood of San Francisco, where it is located.

The first farm in San Francisco to receive the Guinness World Record for the world most palm trees was in the city in 2011.

This year’s Palm City is being built by local residents and contractors, and the palm will be grown in the palm forest that surrounds the mill.

It’s an ambitious project.

It’s estimated that the mill will generate $1 million in revenue annually, with another $500,000 from local government.

It will take about six months to build the mill, which is expected to be complete by the end of 2017.

It also includes an irrigation system, a power plant, a water tank, a greenhouse, a parking lot, and other improvements, according to the Millwork website.

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