How the Dallas and Atlanta mills got their names and logos in the first place

AUSTIN, Texas — The city of Dallas and its corporate owner, the Atlanta-based Atlanta Corporation, both get their names from the city’s first official corporate logo in 1872.

And when Atlanta was a small town that was struggling to catch up with the economic changes of the South in the early 20th century, the city decided to take its logo from a town that had been founded by the slaveholder and slaveholder family of the area, who controlled the city of Atlanta for over 400 years.

But the city didn’t stop there.

In 1896, Atlanta adopted the first corporate name of the city, the Dixie Mills.

The name was chosen as a tribute to the town’s first mayor, Charles W. Mills, who owned a mill.

“The name Dixie Mill was chosen because of its connection to the history of the African American community in the region,” Atlanta Corporation President and CEO Michael E. Stelter said in a statement announcing the change.

“This is a reminder of the contributions made to the development of Atlanta and its economy by African Americans.”

The corporate logo was adopted by Atlanta Corporation in 1897.

Storch / Getty Images Atlanta Corporation is one of the largest corporations in the world.

It has offices in more than 60 countries, employs over 800,000 people worldwide, and has annual revenues of more than $60 billion.

The company was founded in 1903 by John D. Rockefeller, the father of the modern American capitalist.

The company is a leading manufacturer of automobiles, consumer goods, and other consumer goods in the United States.

Atlanta Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is owned by private equity firm Renaissance Partners, a portfolio of companies that includes a majority stake in The Walt Disney Company.

The corporate name change, which took effect on Monday, is part of the broader corporate strategy to change its image, Stel, the CEO of Atlanta Corporation said in the statement.

“Our brand has always been about diversity, inclusion, and inclusion,” he said.

“We want to celebrate the diverse city of Denton and the diverse communities that have built it, and we want to give our partners, employees, and visitors the opportunity to do the same.”

The Atlanta Corporation logo was approved as the city has a vibrant, vibrant and vibrant Denton community, Stolter said.

Denton is a small, agricultural town located about an hour southeast of Dallas, with about 200 residents.

“Denton has been one of America’s most dynamic cities, and the Atlanta Corporation has been a strong partner in supporting its vibrant community through the transformation of its brand,” Stel said.

While the Atlanta corporation is an important player in the city and in the local economy, it’s not just about its corporate name.

It also has a strong commitment to diversity.

Stolters own daughter is a woman of color and the company is looking to expand its workforce by hiring more women, he said in his statement.

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