How to use Google Maps with the new Google Map app

Posted October 12, 2018 03:22:20 The Google Maps app for Apple devices has been updated with a new feature that lets users create their own maps.

The new feature, which can be enabled from within the Google Maps menu, allows users to place and customize their own map with the help of a dedicated tile on the map.

The tile can then be viewed in Google Maps, and the user can then zoom in and out to view the map in any of several different views.

Google Maps can be used for navigation and planning purposes.

The feature can be found in the app’s navigation options under “maps” and “map tiles”.

Users can also create their maps using the existing map tiles available from the Google Play store, as well as a new, customized version of the existing tiles.

The Google Map Tile can be accessed by tapping the tile icon and then tapping the “Create Map” button.

The newly-added feature is available to users who have Apple’s iOS or Android devices, and it can be set to be enabled only for the user’s current location.

A user can set the tile’s tile icon to a name that is unique to the tile, and then tap the “Edit” button to add additional tiles to the map’s tiles.

Users can set a specific tile to display only in the current map view or can choose to display all of the tiles in the map as a single tile, making it possible to see all of Google Maps maps for any location in the world.

A new “Tile” option is also available to the new Tile mode, which allows the user to select from multiple tile types, including a “circle”, “circle of dots” and a “point” tile, for use as a map background.

Users also have the option of “Flip” or “Hover” tiles to switch between the three existing tile types for the current tile.

Users are also given the option to create a custom map tile by tapping on the “Add Custom Tile” button, and this tile can be shown in the “tile” menu.

This new tile option can be a useful addition to many users who are not accustomed to having to edit their existing tiles in Maps to create their custom maps.

If you do not already have an existing map tile, Google has also included an option to “create your own” for those users.

If users do choose to create one, the tile will be automatically created and placed on the new map tiles.

While this feature is new, it will be useful for users who do not want to manually edit their map tiles, and also those users who use Google’s Map app for a variety of other reasons.

Users may also be able to adjust the current maps tiles using the new “tile adjustment” option.

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