Why is Carolina Millwork not the new Super Bowl team?

CAROLINA MILLWORK, CA—Following an announcement last week that the Carolina Millworkers are officially no longer officially a Super Bowl participant, the NFL announced Thursday that the team would no longer play in the event.

“After a thorough investigation of the franchise’s ownership, the league office has determined that Carolina Millworks participation in Super Bowl XLIX would not be in the best interest of the organization and its fans,” NFL spokesperson Matt Fischman said in a statement.

“Following a thorough and fair review, the organization made the decision that we would no long participate in Superbowl XLIX.”

Fischberman continued, “The NFL regrets the inconvenience to our fans and fans of the NFL as well as to the Carolina Wholesale Team.

This is not a decision that the league takes lightly.

We look forward to hosting our first Super Bowl in 2019.”

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