How to make your own custom woodworking millwork

4 FourFour Two is owned and operated by a small, family-owned business, with a focus on the arts and crafts.

Owner, Amanda, tells FourFour that she decided to start making custom woodwork because she wanted to share her unique vision for a woodworking studio with her customers.

“I was like, this is going to be a great way to make some extra money and I wanted to make sure it was going to give me some extra income,” Amanda explains.

“So I went to the lumber yard, and I just made the planks, I took the lumber, I made the joists, I cut out the floor boards and I put all of it together and I made this custom wooden furniture.”

Amanda says that the furniture was a labor of love and she made it for her customers because she is an avid woodworker and she was always inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship that was in the wood.

Amanda says the furniture has a wood grain and grain board look, and it has an attractive wood grain accent, but there are other details such as the unique hand-sewn motif on the top of the cabinet that was originally done by her mother, Amanda’s father, who was a woodworker.

“The motif is very much her design, and there are just so many details that she wanted in there,” Amanda says.

“She wanted to bring some of her personality into it, so she did a lot of her own work and she really brought that into it.”

Amanda is currently using the custom furniture to create her own custom artworks and it’s a creative outlet for her and her husband to share their passion for the art of woodworking.

“It’s kind of like an outlet for me to show that my work and my creativity can come out of this, that my life can come from this,” Amanda tells FourFours.

“When I work with my clients, they are just really happy and excited to have me around and they are really looking forward to being in my studio and having my woodworking.”

Amanda also shares how she learned to make her own wooden furniture and the craft that goes into making it.

“My mom and I worked on the floor of my mom’s shop and we would work on the floors, she would make her chairs and we made our tables and we did all of the tables, and then we would do all of our furniture.

She would go through all the wood and she would go over the finished product, and she used all of that wood to make a chair, she made the chair that I make, she took it to the table, and we got it all put together and it just kind of happened by accident,” Amanda said.

Amanda started by making her own woodworking tables, but she says it was a great learning experience because she learned how to use a table saw to make them and then she also learned to use an axe to cut down the pieces and then put them back together.

“Because it was something that I really liked doing, I decided to do it again, I just got better at it,” Amanda told FourFour.

“And I have done it for so many years, and the more I do it, the more people come to me and they just love it.”

While Amanda is making custom furniture, she is also working on a book called Woodworking with My Mother, which is dedicated to the woodworking she shares with her clients.

She says that she is hoping to sell the book through her Etsy shop, but it would be great to have it out in the community as well.

“That would be amazing, but at the same time, I want to share it with people,” Amanda added.

“Just make sure people can enjoy it and be proud of what they do and what they’ve created.”

Amanda has been creating custom furniture for clients for over a decade and she has made so many custom items for clients, but her interest in woodworking grew after learning about a woodcarving class that she attended at the Art Institute of Wisconsin in Madison.

“As a child, I used to play with woodcarvers all the time, and when I started going to woodworking classes and working on my own furniture, I had a real fascination with woodworking and it was like wow, I have never seen anything like this before,” Amanda shared.

“A lot of people were in this workshop, and a lot were just like, ‘Oh my gosh, I wish I could do this for my friends, my family, my kids,'” Amanda recalls.

“One of my co-workers even went out to the shop and showed me some of the different woodworking techniques and how they work and it really touched me and I thought, well I want that for my own work.”

Amanda’s woodworking interest grew even further after she learned that the wood she used to make the furniture had been cut

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