Portland Millworks, edison millworks move to Portland, Oregon

The Portland Millwork announced Tuesday it is moving to Portland.

The move comes two weeks after the Oregon Department of Transportation announced it would shut down the railroad’s tracks.

The Oregon Department said it would start replacing the track at Portland Millworkers, a site on the Oregon-Oregon Coast.

It also comes after Gov.

John Kitzhaber (R) and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) signed a $4.2 billion deal to upgrade the mill, which closed in 2011.

The Portland MillWorks, a railroad, is one of Oregon’s largest employer groups.

The mill employs more than 50,000 people and generates nearly $2.2 million annually in sales tax revenue.

The Oregon Department also said it will be working with the Portland State University to build a new mill.

The new mill would be able to process and process more than 1.3 million tons of raw materials a year.

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