FourFour2: A review of delta millwork

The delta millworks has been around for over 50 years and has been in operation for more than 60 years.

It is one of the most iconic industrial projects in the world, with over 4,000 tonnes of aluminium delivered to the site in the last 50 years.

The millworks is located in the South African town of Wofford, where the old Woffords Mill is now.

Woffold was once a thriving port and industrial centre and has become a major centre for mining, tourism and a major hub for South Africa’s diamond trade.

The mills site is now a tourist attraction, with the site of the mill being on the edge of the city.

As of 2016, the millworks was a major employer and the region was ranked as one of South Africas top tourism destinations by the Tourism Industry South Africa (TISA).

A survey of the site revealed that in 2018, more than a million tourists visited the mill sites.

The project is also renowned for being one of only a handful of industrial sites in the country with its own unique cultural and heritage sites, including a historic mine called Kudzi.

As part of the Millworks National Heritage Area, it is also home to the Woffon-Sewell Mill, which has been the main mill site in South Africa since the 1960s.

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