‘Ekena Millwork’ home depot opens in Wyoming


— The home depot is now officially opening in the rural town of Ekena, where she’s building a new millwork business that will offer home and home-related services for small businesses and individuals.

Ekina Millwork Home Depot is slated to open in 2017 in Ekenan.

Millwork is a family-owned business based in Wisconsin.

She began her career at a lumber yard.

“I’ve always had a passion for making things,” Ekenas husband, Jim Ekenes said in a statement.

The store will offer a wide selection of home products, furniture and construction materials to make home improvements.

Ekenya and her husband have been running the business since 2011.

She is building the business as part of her larger efforts to diversify her business portfolio and bring the home-improvement industry to rural areas.

In an interview with the News Tribune, Ekenae said the goal is to provide quality home improvement services to rural communities.

“We are not focused on one type of home or one type or one area.

We are looking to offer the best products and services to communities across Wisconsin,” Ekensa said.

It was also reported that Ekenac’s husband, Dan Eken, will be moving to Wisconsin to start the business.

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