Louisiana millworker says workers are being harassed

NEW ORLEANS — Louisiana millworkers say they are being subjected to racist harassment by a contractor hired to install the state’s second largest mill.

The owner of the mill in New Orleans, William Millwork, said workers are subjected to racism in a contract dispute that has dragged on for nearly a year.

Millwork said his workers were offered no benefits for the work they do.

He said he had to fight back when the contract negotiations were brought to a close in June.

The contract is for a $30 million mill that is expected to begin operating in 2018.

The contract is worth about $10 million, he said.

Millwork said he was not aware of any cases of racial discrimination against his workers.

The Louisiana Attorney General’s office said last month that the state was investigating a contract between Millwork and a New Orleans subcontractor, and that it could not confirm the case because the company was not a party.

A statement issued by Millwork in July said he would not be able to comment because of the ongoing investigation.

He declined to say if he had filed a complaint with the state or whether the company had a contract with the attorney general.

A spokesman for the state Department of Economic and Community Development said Millwork was notified about the allegations last week.

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