This guy has been called ‘an angel of death’ by a reporter who’s lived through the flu epidemic

The story is about to get a lot stranger.

A reporter has been forced to go public with her own harrowing experience of a flu pandemic, and her story is going viral.

Angeles Millwork, a former nurse, says she woke up in a hospital bed at 5am with a fever and the flu, after waking up with a sore throat from eating too much.

She had to take a taxi to her job, and was able to stay home, but she was still sick.

Millwork was given antibiotics, and went to her office to help with her flu symptoms.

She went home to bed, and then had another bout of the flu that morning, and after a night of fever and cough she got a call to her boss from the hospital.

“They said, ‘There’s been a flu-related case at your job’,” she told BuzzFeed News.

It turned out to be an outbreak at the nursing home where Millwork worked.

She was taken to the emergency department and had to be given antibiotics.

The flu virus is incredibly contagious, and it is incredibly difficult to be infected, Millwork said.

Her flu symptoms were severe, but the hospital staff told her they were not treating her with antibiotics, so she was put on antibiotics and given antibiotics for her symptoms.

She had a fever of 103 degrees that day, and she woke with a cough that lasted about 15 minutes.

But then she began having an intense headache and fever.

“When I was sick, I was pretty sick,” she said.

“The first day, I didn’t feel anything, but then the fever came and I started to feel really bad.”

The flu hit hard, she said, and at the time Millwork was in shock.

By Monday, she was coughing and vomiting.

“I had a really bad cough,” she explained.

“I had to have my head put on a towel and have a doctor do the IV drip to keep it under control.”

She was then taken to a specialist and told she had a high risk of getting another flu.

Millwork went back to work the following day, but after two days she was given a second chance at her job.

Once she got back to her desk, she had another flare-up of flu.

“It was pretty bad,” she recalled.

“It was awful.

I was really sick and I was coughing a lot.

I was just really sick.”

After another flu, she started coughing and had a second bout of flu that day.

She woke up sick, but her boss told her to go home, and the next day she was taken home.

When she got home, she told her boss she had flu.

She said she did not know what to do.

“My boss said, I’m really sorry, I have to take you home.

And I just felt really bad.

I said, what are you talking about?

I’m not feeling better,” she told Buzzfeed News.”

And then I said I’m feeling better.

I just had to get home.”

Millwork, who had never experienced a flu outbreak before, told BuzzFeed that she felt sick again, and had an appointment with a doctor.

After her appointment, she went home, with her fever up to 101 degrees, and felt fine.

Later that day she felt the same fever and started coughing again, but this time she was able with a drip to be taken home for a visit.

“By this time, I had already gone home and it was pretty hot,” she recounted.

“But I didn

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