Indian woman in court for allegedly murdering her husband after he killed her and her daughter

NCR article NCRs chief reporter and managing editor M K Sharma reports on the latest developments in the NCR investigation of the murder of Shastina Millwork, who was killed by her husband in September 2017 in NCR.

In September 2017, Shastine was killed in a hail of bullets from her husband’s gun after she and her two daughters had gone to pick up her son from school.

Her death sparked months of violence between the two families.

“It is not clear how the incident occurred,” NCR Commissioner, Gyanesh Kumar said in a statement.

He added that the incident, in which Shastan and her husband and daughter were killed in their home, has been sent for police investigation.

The NCR Commission on Human Rights had on August 19, 2018, asked the State Government to file an FIR against Shastin for her alleged role in the murder.

NCR Commissioner Kumar added that Shastini’s family members had demanded an inquiry into the incident.

It is understood that Shishani’s mother had written to the NCRC seeking action against her daughter.

Shastina’s father and sister had also demanded an investigation.

Shastin’s father, a doctor, had also been arrested in connection with the case.

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