How Ashland Millworks Will Help Save A Barn with New Homes

Ashland is a local family owned and operated business that produces a variety of furniture, home goods, and home-improvement products.

The company is currently expanding its footprint into the Northeast region, with a location in Boston.

In August, the company announced that it will be hiring as many as 8,000 workers to help build and manage its new home office and warehouse facility.

“This project is a direct response to the needs of our existing workforce and to our new customers,” said Ashland founder and CEO Brian Hartman.

“We are excited to be able to continue to serve our current and future customers, as well as our growing customers and associates in the Boston area.”

As of now, the Ashland team is hiring for three positions: Head of Marketing, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Administrative Officer.

A copy of the job description says the company will be located at the former Biltmore House on Route 1 in Boston, where they plan to start “adding furniture to our existing office and building.”

While the company is not hiring directly for the job, they are recruiting for jobs that can be done remotely through their online job board.

The Ashland site has several job postings.

The job description includes: “The head of marketing is responsible for developing and executing new and existing marketing communications for the company.

The head of operations is responsible with providing support to our customer support teams and our warehouse operations teams.

The chief administrative officer manages the business and manages all of the company’s business operations.

The COO manages and manages the company and its affiliates.”

In an interview with IGN, Hartman said the company has always been looking for talented people with a passion for home improvement and would like to “help them achieve their dreams.”

They are also working on a new website to help employees stay up to date on the company, but it hasn’t been updated yet.

We will have more on this as we get it.

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