How Florida lawmakers could block new Trump tariffs

The U.S. is considering a bill that would prohibit the federal government from imposing new tariffs on companies that produce or ship U.K.-made products to North America, but Florida lawmakers are pushing back.

In a floor speech Thursday, Senate President Mike Dunlap (D-FL) called the proposal an attempt to use the federal courts to “banish” North American imports and said it would hurt businesses that rely on imports for their livelihoods.

“What it would do is create a new class of foreign-made products, and it would impact our own economy,” Dunlap said.

“It would be a tremendous economic impact on us.

It would have a direct impact on jobs and our exports, and also on jobs overseas.”

Dunlap said he is not going to be supporting the bill, but his Republican colleagues are.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), the bill’s author, told reporters the measure would not be the first time the federal Government has attempted to ban imports from other countries, but it would be the “largest, and the most ambitious.”

Cornyn said the bill would prevent the U.N. General Assembly from “banishing” North America to a country, but he was unable to give a specific date for when it would take effect.

He said the legislation was being drafted to “provide certainty for American businesses and consumers.”

Dunlaps bill would create a $100 million program for “certification of non-U.S.-made goods to avoid unfair tariffs and duties.”

He said the U

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