How to build a masterpiece in Florida’s new millwork floor

The stunning, two-story glass-and-steel facade of Tampa Bay Millworks is now complete.

The Florida-based company has created a stunning piece of architecture in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The $1.9bn project was unveiled in February, and its $1bn cost includes a new concrete floor and a glass-floor roof.

The glass roof is an intricate work of art.

A view of the glass roof.

This is what it looks like on a sunny day, with the sun shining through.

The finished floor is an amazing piece of glass.

It’s topped with a gorgeous new metal roof, with an intricate metal structure in the middle.

This steel roof is the main piece of the facade, as you can see here.

It looks amazing from a distance, and the roof is made of a high-quality, tempered glass.

The roof has an intricate design in the centre.

It also looks amazing, as the glass has a high reflective surface.

There are a few more details to take in, but you can clearly see the workmanship that went into this structure.

This project is not the first time Tampa Bay has built a glass roof in its millwork.

In 2009, it unveiled a similar glass roof, this time for a $2.6bn building.

In 2010, the company built its own glass roof for a new building on a former pulp mill site, and that building is now a high school.

A glass roof made in Tampa in 2013.

The project is part of a new $1 billion millwork project for Tampa, Florida, which will also see a new residential building constructed on the site.

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