How to navigate the storm to the office

MILLWITTS COSTS: More than 2,000 workers in Michigan are at risk of missing work due to storm-related illness.

More than 700 of them are working from home.

The storm could leave some people out of work for weeks.

The state is still trying to assess the effects on the state’s workforce.

There are also a handful of counties that could be impacted.

For those who need to take advantage of the holidays and still need to stay home, the state is offering a $1,000 incentive for people who can make it to work, but cannot.

The governor’s office is calling for people to take time off to rest, rehydrate, and prepare for the coming storm.

They say those who can’t take advantage will receive $1.50 a day per person.

This offer is available to Michigan residents who work for the following companies: Bell Atlantic: 2,700 workers at the Detroit-area Bell Atlantic plant, including the employees at a training facility, a welding facility and the distribution center.

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