How to find a new job in Harrisburg PA

Harrisburg, Pa.

(AP) A woman who went to work at a Pennsylvania factory that makes clothing for Walmart, has been fired for not wearing a mask while at work.

The Harrisburg Post-Gazette reports that Mary Elizabeth Smith, a 25-year-old sales rep, was fired Monday for not meeting the company’s dress code requirements.

She says she was asked to wear a mask at work by a supervisor.

Smith says she wasn’t wearing a face mask and the suitors asked her to remove her mask, but she said she refused.

Smith told the newspaper she felt unsafe and that she was shocked when she learned about the termination.

The Post-gazette reported that Smith’s story came after she received several complaints from workers who felt unsafe.

Smith, who said she didn’t wear a face-mask when she worked at the Harrisburg factory, says she received a voicemail from a worker who said, “You know what I think?

We shouldn’t have to wear masks.”

Smith told ABC affiliate WBNG that she is considering taking legal action against Walmart.

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