How the world’s biggest millwork company is turning its back on US workers

The world’s largest millwork chain, Millwork, is pulling out of a deal with US steelmaker Cummins, the first time it has done so in years.

Millwork said in a statement that it would sell some of its U.S. operations, including some in Detroit, in order to “better align with our future strategic plans.”

The move is a major blow for the struggling millwork industry, which relies on its customers to supply the steel mills that supply other steelmakers.

Cummins was one of several steelmakers to withdraw from the Detroit millwork market last year.

Cumins said in its statement that “it is too soon to comment further” on the decision.

The company said it will continue to pursue a strategic partnership with other mills.CUMINES, the largest steelmaker in the world, had been a buyer of millwork in the U.K. and Ireland, and in the European Union.

Cumbres plans to exit the U, Ireland, U.A.E., U.KS. and Scotland markets, the company said.

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