The world’s largest online marketplace for custom millworks, furniture, and other consumer products is about to get even bigger…

The world is full of amazing custom furniture, but few of them make the leap from an idea to reality as quickly as the company behind it.

Recode first reported last month that custom furniture retailer Woot was planning to open a store in Manhattan, New York.

Woot, which also makes the iconic Ikea furniture, says the New York store will be the largest online custom furniture store in the United States.

Woots plans to have 1,500 custom pieces on display for up to 40 customers.

Customers can order through Woot’s website or through the company’s online store, and the store will also offer discounts on certain items and services.

Woop has been selling custom furniture for over a decade, and it was recently purchased by a company called Ikea.

The Ikea deal is a sign that Woot is getting serious about getting more of its customers online.

Woot CEO and cofounder Kevin St. Pierre told Recode that the company will open up shop in Manhattan sometime in 2019.

“We are opening up shop right now,” St. Pras said.

The company is also working on a $3 million investment in a new factory in New York, and St. Peter is expected to give the company a new headquarters sometime in the next few months.

Woo is now looking to expand its sales to more than 100 cities around the world.

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